Conjectures on the entropic motion of existence

How did the universe become what it is? How did an agglomerate of atoms become the earth? How did it become man? Was it only by chance, by accident, by mistake? Maybe an unthinkably long sequence of accidents, of mistakes, so finely tuned, so precisely combined together, that even the possibility of it escapes our imagination?

Andrea Paciotto and Jan Klug present fragments of ALLA FINE L’INIZIO, a media performance playing with concepts regarding the evolution of life in a continuously transforming universe. Inspired from the particular structure of “The Cosmicomics”, a collection of science fiction short stories by Italo Calvino, the performance introduces a series of imaginary conjectures that stimulate a reflection on the “unsustainable” and transitory condition of the human existence.

Specially for the DA International Festival in Sofia, they will device and perform the small version of a larger research and performance project, called SUNCYCLE towards a sustainable theatre, started in 2006 for UNESCO Italy.