People with feet opposite ours
'Antipodes - people with feet opposite ours' premièred at the Kiev International Media Art Festival in October 2002 and was performed later that year at the PEK festival in The Hague. Seven years later, Beekman and van Wersch revisit the concept.
'Antipodes - people with feet opposite ours' is about the act of crossing boundaries between sound and image, control and output, between performer and computer.

The two performers are joined by the computer as a third, independent performer, with a mind of his own, who records, decodes, interprets and interferes with actions of the human performers. Collectively, they shape sound and vision through shared control strategies.
Central to the concept of performances by Beekman and van Wersch is the coming to terms with the realisation that there are people with feet opposite ours.
 Beekman en van Wersch started their collaboration at the invitation of the Dot.Nu series in The Netherlands in 2001. After the Dot.Nu performances at Paradiso in Amsterdam and V2_ in Rotterdam, they have performed together on several other occasions.