Audio-visual performance

Runabout project develops the idea of an audio-visual platform for communication and interaction between different media and variety of artists. The first part of the project was a performance presented during the Sofia Underground Fest; the second was a development of the same idea, was performed during the “Small Season” at theatre Sfumato. For this series of performances, we built an electric bass guitar made of glass. The visual part was a real-time video mix of animation, film and improvisation of live digital drawing.  After this experience, an interest in interaction between the glass instrument and the video appeared.
In the performance Empty Set we develop the interactive control between the different sets on the stage. The musical instrument is transformed to control the real-time video mix. Separate visual and auditory elements are connected on the principle of confrontation of empty and full, pause and note, set and empty set. We oppose zero to one, variety to nothing, the definite to the indefinite, a musical pause to a constant vibration, a computer-generated image to the details of the human body. Ø

Runabout project includes Albena Baeva, Petya Boyukova, Svilen Ivanov, Atanas Ilchev and Sergei Glinkov.