Led by Andrea Paciotto (director, designer) and Jan Klug (composer, media designer, programmer)

The workshop aims at exploring the creation and performance of interactive audio visual environments. The workshop is based on a multidisciplinary method that merges multimedia technology, theatre, visual installation and music. Our approach focuses mainly on the creative process, on the concepts and the ideas, rather than on the machine itself. The technical aspect of creation always requires care and attention, but the objective of the workshop is to transform the technique and technology into creative tools, that free the imagination and stimulate the creative and poetic development of a new contemporary theatrical language.

The workshop is an introduction to the application of new media and computer technologies in the performing arts, demonstrating the use of some software and techniques in digital image and sound compositing, multimedia production, interactive performances and installations.  The participants will have the opportunity to discover, analyze and experiment with different ideas and techniques. They will receive an introduction to softwares that transform the computer in a creative partner, in particular Max/MSP and its video plug-in Jitter.

Because this is a hands-on workshop, the participants will be practically engaged and will be guided to apply their imagination and creativity to the development of small collaborative presentations involving this software, in combination with other tools and techniques. Participants are welcomed to bring their own computers, as well as any other instruments or devices for video and sound production that they may already use. The demonstrations will be carried out on Mac computers, but the use of PCs is also possible. Computer proficiency is a plus, but also participants that have less familiarity with the computer will be able to participate actively in the workshop, through the creation of working groups, in which participants will play different roles.

Basic programme of the workshop
day 1: introduction of workshop
day 2: practical exercises
day 3: continuation of practice
day 4: presentation

Criteria for selection of participants
The best would be to have people that are already in an advanced creative process, fairly independent in their process, but in need of a creative confrontation and new stimuli. People interested in live performance of any kind, from theatre, to music, to electronic performances. It is better if they have knowledge of the computer and of some software for production of images and sounds, as well as basic knowledge of some technical equipment such as video cameras, microphones, lights, etc.