Anya Lewin
Anya Lewin

Anya Lewin works in a variety of media and contexts and is currently focusing on filmmaking. Her projects, both individual and collaborative, have taken the form of video, projections, dinner parties, performance, textiles, installation, text and web documents and have been exhibited internationally in such places as Beijing, Belfast, Bristol, Bulgaria, Cuba,London , New York, San Francisco and Siberia. She is a Lecturer and Researcher in Fine Art at the University of Plymouth, UK.


2009-10-30 21:00 - 21:30

Pixel-Game is a live VJ performance in real time capture.We are playing with one TV, a MIDI controller, a digital camera and ATARI computer console on real time capture to VJ software.Two dimensions between digital and real, progress or  regress, look to the past and futur... more